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Um sorry but u misrepresented the case of Armin Meiwes that hammer video, got me mad af. wish I was there, to help the poor people. There might be more of those lil kids but the anger would kill them.😎

The Hammer Maniacs video is most definetly online still. Some gore site. The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis Movie Watch Streaming New I'm binge watching ! love this channel !! You can find the Hammer Maniacs Video on the Internet I would advise not to watch it really graphic

wheres the annoying monotone voice sexual predators should be sentenced to death The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs videos are online, you just have to know where to look. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Damn Russell Williams 😳 Heeey! Look what I just found on the internet. You can see snippets of the Travis video and the full Hammer video online. It's because the Hammer one was in Russia and got leaked. things like this make me fear for my 8 yr old son

Man ...he sounds normal here. Sounds like he's reading the weather instead of sounding depressed

They need to release all of them.

Who else remembers all those snuff films websites would rickroll with in the early 2000's by calling them things like 2 men 1 screwdriver

Some lady was renting Maury Travis's house without knowing. She found out when she was watching an A&E documentary on serial killers and saw her house.

I remember seeing #4 on Dateline or 48 Hours sometime back.

Dang, you are growing fast! Luke Magnotta is another one who recorded his murders. 8 years? I'm appealing. Life? Well, fuck. That didn't work like I thought it would. I say the original sentence was just, but at least he had volunteers. Technically not murder. He didn't kill the guy who backed out last minute. That's pretty decent of him..


What the f... is wrong with humanity... my god... I found it on the internet tho... For the caption Thats Because Criminals dont make videos and thats why they are not on internet . 😐


Wow u sound so much different here than u do in oct2018. Here u sound more upbeat and kinds like chills. Nobody should sound like chills. Not even chills. Lol.

God please let this be unreal. I love ❤️ the fact that this guy uses his real voice and not a robot 🤖 voice and his voice in this video sounds especially nice but sometimes he sounds tired 😴 but still very beautiful thing to use real video. I like your voice better here in this video then your other videos... You have more emotion in your voice..


Well I'll need the ultimate therapy after this stuff.... What thought process leads one to the bright idea of hey...I think I want to volunteer as tribute to the friendly cannibal? These are some sick ppl who needs to be put to death. Hopefully on Demand very soon. Finalizing details. I'm so confused by the title... Isn't this the internet? Help Oh yes you can indeed find those hammer killer videos online

I always wanted to see maury travis Completely vegetarian diet - now if it wasn't because it was voluntary I would call it cruel and unusual punishment!






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